Roofing Shingles

There are three major categories of Roofing Shingle products available in the market:

p_SCR_044_22Strip Shingles are the original and the most basic of roofing shingles available in the industry. Strip Shingles are denoted by the fact that they are single layered roofing shingles that are generally designed to look like slate. Strip Roofing Shingles have a very flat appearance on the roof line and are typically the lightest weight roofing shingles available in the market. Strip shingles used to be the predominant roofing shingle available and used in the market...

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Alpha Roofing

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Moisture and time are two forces when partnered together inflict a devastating toll of decay on every inanimate object especially the roof. It is extremely challenging in a place like the Front Range to keep the moisture away. For long life of a property, it is vital to channel the moisture away from structures. One of the most ingenious ways to keep water away is siphon it to a location away from properties. Using the inherent slope of a building, the water is directed to drainage by the gutter system. During the course of time, debris is also drained in to gutter which causes blockage and erosion. If maintained, the gutter will last a long time...

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Aluminum Rain Gutters


Our seamless aluminum rain gutters come in over 30 different colors. These colors are guaranteed for 100 years not to fade, chip or peel. We do not paint any of our gutters, downspouts, corners, elbows, headers or offsets so they will not fade in the Arizona sun and will continue to look as great on your house in the future as they do the day we install them.

Rain gutters when installed properly and maintained will act as a channel to divert and collect rainwater.  The main purpose of a rain gutter is to remove water from the base of a building’s concrete foundation. The foundation of a home or building can shift, crack, or otherwise erode with a presence of water...

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Walk Decks

article-new_ehow_images_a06_35_k5_refinish-home-decks-800x800Architectural Walking Deck

An architectural walking deck constitutes an elongated deck with space for walking. Walking decks appear on numerous buildings and other architectural structures, from homes and shopping malls to apartment complexes, resorts and cruise ships. The features of a walking deck vary depending upon the ultimate purpose of the deck; some walking decks contain enough space for walking and for chairs and tables for dining and relaxing, while others only possess the space for handling pedestrian traffic.

Walking decks provide numerous functions. In buildings such as shopping malls, walking decks wrap around the facade of a structure and provide exterior access to stores and restaurants...

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Creating a leak-free Roof Deck with IB roofing systems

We offer two different solutions for you to permanently solve your roof deck leaks. Both ways utilize IB’s time-proven CPA membranes featuring hot-air welded seam. The main difference between the two methods is the product you choose to use, and aesthetics you desire.


Assembly type 1: IB DeckShield – a fully integrated waterproofing membrane system designed for use on walk-out roof decks. DeckShield is highly slip-resistant, and not only complies with and even exceeds ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.


Learn how IB Deck Shield membrane is installed, installation prices and more general information of roof deck waterproofing using IB DeckShield membrane.

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Preventative Maintenance

The best preventative maintenance that one can do is perform semi-annual inspections to identify and solve problems as they occur. Roofs get more abuse from the elements than any other part of the building, and preventative maintenance is a key element to saving money on your roof by providing a longer service life. This section will provide some general guidelines to help keep your roof in good working condition for as long as possible.







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Built-Up Systems

built_upBuilt-up systems are constructed though alternating layers of reinforcing fabrics and an adhesive bitumen to produce a membrane. Adhesives are applied either hot or cold depending on type, and surfacing aggregates like gravel can be used. The bottom-most layer is sometimes mechanically fastened, and built-up roofs are referred to as fully-adhered only when they are attached directly to the building’s insulation or roof deck.

• Torch down systems are constructed with multiple sheets of asphalt-coated polyester/fiberglass mats, heated with a powerful torch along their seams, melting the asphalt together. While unsuitable in areas with high rain/snowfall, torch down systems have increased strength and resistance.

• Modified bitumen systems are a subset of asphalt systems, with the asphalt c...

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Shingle Roofing

Asphalt-Shingles-1024x638Alpha Roofing  installs multiple types of shingle roofing. Shingle roofs are commonly less expensive than other roof types, and offer varying benefits depending on material, coming in standard or fiberglass asphalt, metal, composite, rubber, and synthetic shake. Asphalt shingles come in 3-tab and dimensional styles.

Asphalt Shingles


Standard asphalt shingles contain a core made of felt/other organic materials, are especially durable in colder climates, and are heavier than their fiberglass counterpart, giving higher wind resistance. The main advantage of asphalt shingle roofing is economic value, costing much less than most other forms of roofing.

Fiberglass Shingles shingles instead contain a fiberglass mat as the base material...

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Tile and Slate


Alpha Roofing LLC installs steep slope systems. Tile systems holds advantages regarding fire safety, non-combustibility, and durability. Roofing tiles can be produced in many materials and exhibit many different benefits. These include concrete’s sporting of high cost-effectiveness and durability, to the light weight and superior life cycle cost of metal tiling, and the rich aesthetics and highly variable design options available to clay tiles. Tile systems demonstrate higher durability than many other roofing systems, with tiling constructed from concrete or clay being two of the most commonly used materials.


Clay roofing tiles are manufactured through baking molded clay into the tile’s form, and are an environmentally safe material...

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Tile Roofing

We Offer the Complete Package for Tile Roofs!

  • Roof Tile Installation
  • Ground Water Control from Roof Drainage
  • Ceiling and Attic Ventilation

Alpha Roofing, LLC is a Tucson, AZ. based tile roofing contractor specializing in the installation of clay roof tile, natural slate roofing, concrete roof tile, and all facets of copper gutters and fabrication. We install and repair tile and slate roofs throughout the Tucson Area and South Arizona.

Alpha Roofing, LLC. is accredited for the successful installation of many tile and slate roofs, and has over 25 years of combined installation experience through our dedicated installers.

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